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Whatever She Planted Grew as if by Magic a public mural in A Space of Symbiosis (garden) located at 1332 S. Millard Ave. in North Lawndale. This mural was created by Samantha Caldera as a part of Red Line Service's contribution to the 2023 Terrain Biennial Exhibition. This art is displayed on a vacant lot which will be turned into a thriving space: of people assembling and native plants growing, a space in which communities of care are created and recreated.

This garden is a work-in-progress to be completed in spring of 2024, also designed by Samantha Caldera. As per the terrain guidelines this garden was created with mycelium connections in mind as they are quick to form but connecting fractures between people who have survived the trauma of repeated systemic failure, requires long-term investment and support and a commitment to care over time. Currently, Red Line Service: A Space of Symbiosis is a vacant lot on which artistic programming is taking place, seeds are being planted, community bonds are being forged, and meals are being shared. It is only one part of a comprehensive project that will be messy, frayed, difficult, yet dedicated to the enduring work of creating sovereign communities of people with our shared experiences of homelessness, our shared insistence on inclusion.

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